We are immensely happy to introduce one of our valuable partners MetaGameHub🚀

MGH DAO is the hub for Open Metaverse Experiences focused on acquiring metaverse assets as well as developing metaverse infrastructure and tools:

1) Metaverse Development and monetization of metaverse assets (mainly LANDs) from various Metaverses such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space, which the MGH community governs and thus monetises via e.g. GameFi applications, ads, event venues, art galleries and cultural hubs.

2) Metaverse Tools to help users navigate through the metaverse in a seamless way like the DCL editor (Decentraland SDK) and Valuation tools to fairly price metaverse Lands

In a nutshell, MGH seeks to become the go-to metaverse aggregator, providing metaverse development and multiple data-driven tools to foster the development of the Open Metaverse.

Bonuz is happy to have MetaGameHub on board🤝

We are a Celebrity Token Ecosystem operating on Solana & BSC.

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