Introducing Bonuz Market, the first Celebrity & Brand Token Ecosystem and Launchpad

Bonuz is the Worlds first Celebrity Token Ecosystem and Launchpad to make the interaction between influencers and their fans completely real. The Bonuz Project’s internal token is called $BONUZ, developed on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain, it provides highly scalable easy mainstream adoption. The Bonuz Project’s Eco-System is built on the Solana Blockchain providing instant high speed, and nearly free transaction costs for millions of users.

Bonuz provides all the participants with unlimited freedom

Creators, influencers, and fans are brought together to experience new ways to cooperate.

No more monopolies! You have absolute control over everything! Fans, in turn, can forget about overpaying for subscriptions and recurring fees: connecting with celebrities is a piece of cake. Sounds cool and a little out there, but it’s our new reality!

Buy exceptional content, souvenirs, NFTs and get rewarded for reselling them in the future. Forget about the days when access to celebrities was as complicated as flying to the moon, the Bonuz team has already built a shuttle to fulfil your dreams!

Celebrities also win because the Bonuz ecosystem rewards celebrities with royalties every time their tokens are listed and traded on the Bonuz marketplace.

What is included in Bonuz Market?

The Celebrity token

  • Proof of Membership Access
  • Can be resold on the Bonuz Market
  • Grants other Celebrity benefits

Bonuz Marketplace

  • Celebrity Token Offerings (CTOs)
  • A secondary market for celebrity tokens
  • Access to exclusive celebrity merchandise

Decentralized Wallet (Add On)

  • Allows purchasing and managing celebrity tokens
  • Verifies authentic membership access
  • Simplifies cryptocurrency purchases

Private Celebrity Channels

  • Access to exclusive content
  • Direct interaction with celebrities
  • Integrated fan voting system

Matthias Mende, Bonuz founder, true crypto pioneer and serial entrepreneur, truly believes that the Bonuz ecosystem will change the way celebrities and their fans interact. Matthias as an influencer himself knows all the challenges and pains associated with the current platforms as far as interacting with the fan base is concerned. Despite the popularity of other subscription services, there are too many factors influencing why they become a difficult business model to sustain. Bonuz not only solves all commonly appearing problems. It provides a user-targeted approach to discover new sources of revenue. Bonuz enhances the Fan and Celebrity Experiences as they were never possible before. In multiple rewarding and benefiting ways on both sides.

The first Bonuz Mission was accomplished in July. 1% of the Private Community Seed Round got sold out within 4 hours with a 25M$ valuation. The successful journey goes on! MVP development is almost complete thanks to the hard work of the technology team of Bonuz.

And there are so many exciting things in line: app design demo release, date of token launch and all types of rounds leading towards an anticipated listing.

The first celebrity and brand token offerings and more fantastic updates are soon to be featured in all our Bonuz communities.

Stay tuned! Stay with #Bonuz!

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