General Announcement #1

Bonuz Market
3 min readApr 7, 2022

To begin with, our Whitepaper has been completely revised line by line to further expand and refine our vision. In the course of this, we were also able to reflect on and expand the utilities of our own and fan tokens. One thing we can promise you with great certainty: The engagement between celebrities and brands with their fans and believers will be the ultimate experience anyone can imagine! Our legal entity is working at full speed on the final details, to ensure that we can share our Whitepaper with you as soon as possible.

Regarding our website, some necessary adjustments were made, such as updating our roadmap, supporting multi-languages, and displaying press articles, which cover Bonuz. Check out our latest press release at Lovin Dubai, if you missed it.

Our MVP has been re-designed to include more functionalities, optimize the user interface, and increase the joy of use. We introduced one of our new functionalities, which is NFT Minting straight from our Telegram Bot, at the Hacker House provided by Solana, which attracted many of the participants as well as the hosts. To see why the enthusiasm was this high, watch the following video Furthermore, our tech team conducts intensive research to develop a product that meets the highest standards and expectations.

Have you noticed that we are verified on Twitter? We started being more active over there and cannot wait to use it with its full potential. In this background, we hosted our first Twitter Space together with our friends from Gramps. In case you missed it, grab some snacks, hit the following link, and enjoy

As if that was not enough, $BONUZ is now listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and CoinStats, without even launching the token itself, whereas launched tokens struggle in getting listed. This was not an easy achievement, thus we worked hard to have our brand trusted on such a level.

Behind the scenes, we entered important strategic partnerships with amazing projects such as Kirobo, Evai, Capital Block, Omni Society, Gramps, XRWorkout, Suga Agency, Magic Square, MetaGameHub, Ghost Drive, and many more, to bundle our strengths and resources. In addition, the previous months were flooded with crypto- and blockchain-related events and summits, such as the WOW Summit, AIBC Summit, World Blockchain Summit, and the Binance Blockchain Week, where not only our team represented Bonuz in the best possible way, but also our founder Mende joined panel discussions and spread his visions and knowledge.

This March we received our first backing from a leading VC, which will be separately announced this month. Things are getting serious…

Lastly, we have to announce that we will not launch our token this quarter, for which we would like to apologize to anyone patient over this whole procedure hoping to trade fast. Crypto is hectic — considering we develop a whole ecosystem, we have to catch the perfect momentum for certain things, just as the launch. In addition, we are aiming to be listed on a Tier 1 centralized exchange, which requires us to fulfil essential criteria beforehand. We could surely have launched months ago, but again we intend to launch in the best possible way for everyone to benefit.

One last announcement: we will be starting a new round from $0.05 to $0.10 per token for those who require more $BONUZ tokens. More information regarding this will follow soon.



Bonuz Market

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