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4 min readMar 23, 2024


Sneak Peek — Bonuz App & App Website

Dear Bonuzians,

It’s been a while. While writing my small message in the HQ group, I decided to make it a bigger update message for our news section so everyone is up to date. Then the message became so big that it didn't fit the telegram channel, so the only option left was to copy-paste it here and do a medium post.

I’ve been living in front of the computers almost for the last few months.
My stress level and pressure are a bit high; I am not here to complain but to give you an update with some important context. 🔎

We finalized the major infrastructure update almost a week back.

The Bonuz Smart Wallet App was working almost perfectly three weeks ago, but this upgrade was critical and necessary for the long term.

This massive infrastructure upgrade/update broke some of our previous working features which sadly gave us a new delay.

We were among the first to use ERC-4337 account abstraction and had the first version of it. We have been experimenting with it since it was still EIP-4337.
Upgrading this part of the infrastructure is almost like changing the spine of a human. Yes! Lol.

We nuked our old backend with all databases and upgraded to Google Cloud for advanced infrastructure and backend purposes.
Scaling will be Important since Bonuz is a mass-market product and b2b2c.

Remember, Bonuz has a “Business backend” for our brands, creators, and partners, where they can create events, quests, a voucher minting engine, and loyalty programs.
Imagine it like the app Uber; it has a version for us who use it to drive around, and it has a business app for its drivers and fleet managers. 💡

This needs to be perfectly synced with our whole Ecosystem. Bonuz is more than just a standalone app. ✨

So, after the big updates, a new Bonuz test-flight version was pushed for the testers around five days ago. This version showed us that some functionalities, such as cross-chain swaps and other basic functionalities like connections, were still unstable.

We have been testing and fixing these issues. It’s a time-intensive and stressful process. Front and back. Today it is almost 90% stable, which is very good news. 😀

The Mainnet is totally working, and our decentralized social ID is working. We renamed it “on-chain social ID.”
Our dynamic NFT protocol is fully working on the main net, too.
Besides the Apple and Google login methods, an email login was added to our social login.
Even though we added support for BRC and inscriptions, we put this update on hold for later. After the bonuz app is out, we will finalize the BRC integrations since they are not a priority right now.

We hope that the next test flight version will be stable. If it is stable on iOS, we will make sure the Android version is stable, too.

Once the app is released, we will start multiple engagement campaigns to attract users from popular engagement platforms such as Galxe, Gleam, questN, Zealy, Task On, and more.

We even have the brand new UI Design Update ready, and it looks three times more beautiful than the app’s current looks (some call it Web3 Looks, hahaha). It has a dark mode and a light mode as well :)

Just waiting for the app to be stable enough to release it to the public. After that release, the UI Devs shall start updating the replacement of the old design with the new design. Then surely we will have the most user friendly web3 product and the most beautiful smart wallet app on the planet.

Another good news is that the new website for the bonuz wallet itself is also 100% ready and live. It’s 10/10 beautiful.

We will announce the website as soon as we launch the app in the store.A small sneak peek of future UI and new website is attached.🤝

Then, the user growth and onboarding campaigns shall start around the same time. Then, more news is coming. 🤩

Remember, we are just a small team building something huge. It’s not a fork, a clone, a copy, or a white-label product, LOL. We are nearly at the target of this huge challenge building something new, never existing and unique. Once the Bonuz Social Smart Wallet App is out and we have the numbers VCs and Investors would like to see from us, we will raise a decent amount of money. Then, we will be able to expand the team and the operation to take over the World of Web2 and bring them into Web3. Just that in Bonuz, they will have a Web2 experience, which, of course, will make them stay and love Web3 :) Those are some of the plans, and the timing is amazing :)

Happy weekend, everyone. 🌸🫶 Happy Marathon Weekend Hustle for us. We love you all, and thanks for the support. Exciting times!!!

Mende Matthias
Founder and CEO,

PS: We are still looking for people (Commanders for our Space Journey, lifting Bonuz through the Galaxy). 11 People, 11% of Equity is to be given away based on KPIs…. but they need to be super-skilled people with a history of some success. There will be a separate post for that also soon once the milestone of the stable App is achieved.



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