Bonuz Twitter Space AMA: A Comprehensive Recap ( 12th of April)

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4 min readApr 19, 2023

In case you missed it, we’ve got you covered. You can access the replay of the session to catch up on all the exciting insights and key takeaways.

Table of contents:

🟣 Bonuz Twitter Space AMA: Key Insights
🟣 A Healthier Community: Embracing Diverse Input and Long-term Growth
🟣 Expanding User Base and Partnerships
🟣 Engagement Tools, Challenges, and Premium Memberships
🟣 Bonuz’s Collaborative Approach: Solid Partnerships for Growth
🟣 Next Priorities for Bonuz: MVP Release and Strategic Growth

👉🏻 Introduction to Bonuz Twitter Space AMA: Key Insights

Bonuz recently held its first official Twitter Space where the community had the opportunity to engage with the project’s founder Mende, CMO Darek, and CPO JC. The event shed light on the team’s dedicated efforts to transform the platform and expand its ecosystem, with plans to hold biweekly events covering a range of topics. During the AMA, Mende shared his vision of creating an innovative platform to address challenges faced by creators and communities, describing Bonuz as a middleware that interconnects and cross-engages participants for a unique SocialFi gaming experience. Meanwhile, JC emphasized Bonuz’s efforts to create a decentralized social identity and to provide accessible tools for events, creators, and influencers to extract value from their communities. The team has launched multiple initiatives that build momentum for the project, including the transformation of the Bonuz website into a comprehensive structure that showcases the entire ecosystem.

The Bonuz team is currently focused on the development of their product, and finding a reliable development partner is their top priority. They are also considering participating in hackathons and collaborating with developers in their Dubai headquarters or in Asia to enhance the product in a cost-effective manner. To achieve their goal, the team acknowledges the importance of having a strong development team in the blockchain industry. Their ultimate aim is to revolutionize fan interaction with innovative features such as token gating, proof of attendance, and decentralized social identity. In addition, the Bonuz team is dedicated to transparency and community support and will implement strict security measures, including audits and ongoing code reviews in collaboration with expert advisors, in the future.

👉🏻 A Healthier Community: Embracing Diverse Input and Long-term Growth
Embracing diverse input and prioritizing long-term growth is essential for building a healthy community. Holding Bonuz tokens offers users exclusive platform features such as premium content access, early feature access, and governance voting rights. Additionally, as the platform grows and demand for tokens increases, long-term investors may potentially enjoy capital gains.

To foster a dynamic and inclusive environment that promotes growth and engagement within the Bonuz ecosystem, the team plans to host biweekly events, featuring discussions on various topics such as current market conditions, decentralized social identity, web3 trends, and more. These events aim to engage partners, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and the community, providing opportunities for diverse input and encouraging long-term growth.

👉🏻 Expanding User Base and Partnerships
Bonuz plans to expand its user base and reach a wider audience by partnering with mainstream industries and events, particularly in Dubai, where existing partnerships have been established. The goal is to scale gradually, implementing the product into communities and events on a small scale before engaging with bigger players. Bonuz is designed to be simple and user-friendly, making it easier to onboard mainstream users. In the future, they plan to launch strong campaigns, and they also envision working on a governmental level for large mass campaigns.

👉🏻 Engagement Tools, Challenges, and Premium Memberships
Bonuz also has plans to create engagement tools and challenges to increase user engagement, awarding dynamic NFTs, badges, and vouchers. Moreover, they aim to establish premium memberships for creators and fans through token gating, fostering more valuable and open interactions between fans and their favorite creators.

👉🏻 Bonuz’s Collaborative Approach: Solid Partnerships for Growth
Dubai-based partners are excited about Bonuz’s potential to gamify events and increase interaction. While the delayed MVP presents a challenge, support remains strong, with plans to onboard 100 community members as ambassadors and offer free education on blockchain, self-custody, and AI apps. When it comes to more strategic partnerships, Bonuz has partnered with German singer Lukas Rieger, who has over 10 million followers. Future plans include approaching Bollywood actors for partnerships before expanding to American celebrities.

Bonuz has formed several important partnerships, including collaborations with the University of Sharjah, Magic Square, Near Foundation, Cypher Capital, Capital Block and more. The company also boasts a strong board of advisors featuring top industry professionals. Partnerships will become more significant as the MVP is released and Bonuz starts to scale.

👉🏻 Next Priorities for Bonuz: MVP Release and Strategic Growth
The most immediate priority is releasing the MVP for beta testing, with over 200 beta testers signed up. The team is working diligently to ensure engaging and a seamless user experience for their beta testers. Ensuring reliability, attracting more investors, and selling up to 10% of equity for strategic partnerships are also high on the priority list. These partnerships will not only bring in fresh investment but will also unlock new opportunities for growth and expansion. In addition, the Bonuz team is working on updating their executive summary and white paper to better communicate their vision and progress to their community and investors. These updates will showcase their commitment to transparency, innovative features, and community support.

Thanks for tuning into our first official Twitter Space on the 12th of April!

In case you missed it, we’ve got you covered. You can access the replay of the session to catch up on all the exciting insights and key takeaways.

But that’s not all — we’re thrilled to announce that we’re hosting our next Bonuz Market Twitter Space on Wednesday 26th of April! Get ready for an engaging session full of lively discussions and valuable insights. Stay tuned on our socials for more information.

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