Bonuz meets Solana Hacker House

In the period of the 15th to 20th February, the Solana Hacker House World Tour dropped its anchors in Dubai for an ultimate five-day offline event with in-person guidance from Solana Labs engineers as well as networking opportunities, such as meeting new people, finding team members, or joining already existing teams.

Bonuz x Solana Hacker House Participants

It was a great honor to our Founder Matthias Mende and CTO Oliver Molnar to participate in such an event, in order to represent Bonuz to like-minded people in the blockchain and crypto space. Our NFT Minting functionality straight from our Telegram Bot has received great enthusiasm from all participants as well as the hosts. Exciting new strategic partnerships could be entered and will be further announced in foreseeable future.

Watch the video below to learn more about the event and witness our experimentally NFT Minting functionality via Telegram presented by Mende:

Bonuz x Solana Hacker House from 15–20th March 2022



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