Blockchain Life 2023 — The Gamification of the real world and merging it with Blockchain and NFTs

Our founder Matthias Mende held a keynote speech at the Blockchain Life 2023 conference in Dubai on the subject of real-world gamification and merging it with blockchain and NFTs. His speech highlighted the challenges and problems of Web3 mass adoption and creating engaging gameplay, user retention, and meaningful rewards.

To solve the challenges mentioned above, Mende proposed a solution that includes a web3 wallet, digital identity, web2 simplicity, dynamic NFTs, and game theory. Dynamic NFTs are an essential part of the solution, and they play a crucial role in the gamification of the real world. These NFTs differ from traditional NFTs as they are programmable, can change over time, and can interact with their environment.

Dynamic NFTs are significant because they can be used for various purposes such as loyalty programs, certification, event tickets, soul-bound NFTs, proof of attendance, game items, membership clubs, and voucher NFTs. They can incentivize positive behavior, track progress, and create a more transparent world. The idea behind using dynamic NFTs is to create a seamless experience that bridges the physical and digital worlds.

Another essential part of the solution is the Decentralized Digital Identity (DID), which additionally authenticates a user’s socials and enables tracking in the digital world. Smartphones, IoT devices, and AR enable tracking of actions in the real world, which can be used for real-world gamification.

Mende believes that real-world gamification will transform the way we live, work, and play. It will incentivize positive behavior, track progress, and create ultimately a more transparent world. The decentralized wallet inside the DID enables full freedom and ownership, which can lead to endless possibilities in sectors of entertainment, healthcare, finance, lifestyle, and social impact.

In conclusion, Mende highlighted the potential of the role of dynamic NFTs and decentralized digital identity in order to allocate rewards simplified and personalized for engaging users. By transparently bridging the physical and digital worlds, gamification will incentivize positive behavior, track progress, and create a more meaningful experience for users. The solution proposed has the potential to transform countries and boost their GDPs if merged correctly, and we at Bonuz look forward to implementing these innovative web3 solutions on top of some traditional enterprises in the future.



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